Tuition and Enrollment

Enrollment Fees

  • On Campus Classes
    • K – 5, PAL, and PAVE Programs: = $500
    • Grades 6 – 12 Traditional Program: = $400*
  • Homeschool Hybrid
    • $275
  • Homeschool Umbrella
    • $500

*Students in 6th -12th grade are REQUIRED to bring their own Apple brand device. We recommend an iPad with a keyboard. MacBooks are also allowed.

Annual Tuition

  • On Campus Classes
    • Traditional Learning Program: $9,500* **
    • Academic Support Program (math or reading): $11,000* **
    • PAL and PAVE Programs: start at $12,500* **
  • Homeschool Hybrid (on campus (k-12) and live online classes (High School Credit classes only))
    • 1 Class – $1,900
    • 2 Classes – $3,800
    • 3 Classes – $5,800
    • Full Day – $9,500
  • Homeschool Umbrella
    • $0 with paid Enrollment Fee
*Additional services are available for an additional charge.  **A uniform fee of up to $240 will be assessed for each student.

Brevard Academy accepts all Florida state-funded scholarships: Family Empowerment Scholarships provided through Step-Up for Students (FES-EO – income based and FES-UA – special needs/Gardiner/McKay) and AAA (FES-EO and FES-UA – special needs/Gardiner/McKay). These scholarships are available to students based on family income and size, services list on an IEP, specific schooling type, a specific medical diagnosis, or other factors. By law, only one Florida state scholarship may be used at any private school at a time.

Enrollment Process

Take a tour of our school. Ask as many questions as you’d like. Bring us any paperwork you have from your child’s current/previous school. We keep all files confidential and securely stored.

Fill out the application forms and collect required documents.

Submit all information with the full enrollment fee (see above).

After we have received your completed application, we will schedule a brief (30 – 40 minute) student assessment. This is a great time for us to get to know your child and make sure he/she is placed in the correct math and reading levels. Assessment Fee is $50, which will be credited towards your enrollment fee when your child officially enrolls with Brevard Academy.

We will hold a meeting with you to determine eligibility and finalize academic placement. Enrollment fees are non-refundable unless your child is not accepted into the Academy. If your child is not accepted, the enrollment fee minus $50 will be refunded.

Submit the following form to start the application process to become part of the Brevard Academy family! We will contact you to answer any questions you have about our school and schedule a tour.

Verifying your child’s Scholarship: go to to screenshot their Scholarship Status.