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Individual Placement

To facilitate placement, children are given reading and math assessments. This allows students to be grouped based on skill level. Students with exceptional talents will be placed into skill levels corresponding to assessment scores, regardless of age or grade.

Students are grouped by grade level for history and science. These subjects are used to promote character development, leadership skills, and teamwork.



Brevard Academy uses curriculum provided by a variety of publishers that meet both state standards and individual needs. We use the following as part of our curriculum program:


McGraw Hill SRA Reading Transformations with grade level appropriate novels (K-5). We also use Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Write Source, Demme Learning Spelling You See, and EPS Wordly Wise 3000. For our upper grade levels we use McGraw Hill StudySync.


Houghton Mifflin Science (K-6), Holt Science & Technology: Life Science & Physical Science (7-8), Hold McDougal: Biology, Chemistry, Physics (9-12)


  • Mainstream: Alpha Omega Horizons (K-6), All Things Algebra (7-Algebra), National Standards for School Mathematics (Geometry – AP Calculus)
  • Remedial: Demme Learning Math-U-See Greek math program.

Social Studies:

Harcourt Horizons (K-6), Holt Social Studies: World Geography & U.S. History (7-8), Holt McDougal: U.S. History, World History, Geography, Civics in Practice (9-12).

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Phoenix Alternative Vocational Education (PAVE) Program

The Phoenix Alternative Vocational Education (PAVE) program is customized for our population of students in grades 7-12 who are currently working on a vocational diploma track. PAVE program students are challenged to meet their individualized academic learning goals in the classroom. They then participate in a daily career building class and weekly outreach programs across the community to develop vocational skills necessary for employment after high school. Students are exposed to a variety of career fields to help them find what vocational path they are interested in and how to best achieve their goals in order to fulfill the needs of that track. Students in our PAVE program are invited to remain as Brevard Academy students until they reach the age of 21.

Phoenix Alternative Learning (PAL) Program:

The Phoenix Alternative Learning (PAL) program is the predecessor to our PAVE program. It is made for students in grades K-8 who are on a remedial education track. Students in PAL are supported by smaller learning environments and differentiated curriculum designed to help them make yearly progress and reach individualized learning and social goals. PAL students attend inclusive electives to help them develop and maintain social skills progress and make a variety of friends in the classroom. PAL students enter BA’s PAVE program when they are ready to progress to a vocational education track.

Phoenix Advanced Collegiate Education (PACE) Program:

The Phoenix Advanced Collegiate Education (PACE) program is designed for students who are working above grade level. These students are given the opportunity to take advanced academic classes, including reading and math courses, and even receive high school credit at an early age upon completion of these courses. The PACE program also challenges students beyond classroom academics. PACE students participate in tailored electives that support them in making and achieving independent learning study goals. Supported by a team of teachers, students first select an area of interest to them and then create projects and develop presentations surrounding these ventures. Later on in their studies, PACE program students may also choose to take classes at Eastern Florida State College for dual-enrollment college credit.

Extracurricular Activities


  • LEGO
  • Performing Arts
  • Art
  • Cooking
  • Student Council
  • BA Social (middle/high school girls club)
  • BA Bros (middle/high school boys club)


Competition Teams:

  • Odyssey of the Mind



    • Swim
    • Soccer
    • Bowling
    • Basketball

School Management System

Brevard Academy uses Quickschools, an online parent portal that enables parents to be connected to their student’s classroom and teachers twenty-four hours a day.

Summer Events

Each summer, BA offers several weekday clubs encompassing a wide variety of interests, from cooking to science to art. Students can also sign-up for one of our week-long camps. Last summer, students participated in a variety of camps. These camps run from Monday through Thursday from 9:00 – 3:00. Click here to view the 2024 Summer Camps, Clubs and Academic opportunities!

BA also meets throughout the summer for Family Fun Days. Our school family meets up at the movies, for an activity around town, such as lunch at the mall, or at our building for a night of fun. Some of these events are specifically tailored for our middle and high schoolers to help them build and maintain relationships among peers during the summer. We welcome all families to our Family Fun Days, including those that are already a part of BA or those that are considering our school as a choice for their student

Student-Teacher Ratio

Maximum student-teacher ratio is 10:1. The low student-teacher ratio allows for extraordinary learning gains during the academic year.

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